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Not only is Voltimum Plus a simple loyalty program, it also integrates product information as well as training and development opportunities into its platform – along with fantastic rewards, of course – to give members a better experience. Here, our start-up partners Schneider Electric and Signify discuss current industry trends, the advantages of digital training and why they are excited about the introduction of Voltimum Plus.

The Voltimum Plus program rewards you for your daily wholesale purchases. Thousands of products earn points when you buy them from our participating wholesalers – both online and in-store – and you can then redeem your points for fantastic rewards. Our huge selection includes things like home technology, smart devices, Apple accessories, holidays, day trips, and more.

We are not just a loyalty program, however. As a platform set up by the industry for the industry, Voltimum Plus offers much more.

Latest trends & popular products

We work with leading manufacturers, including Schneider Electric and Signify, who are perfectly positioned to catch up on the latest trends and topics in the electrical industry. For Schneider Electric, one of the most significant changes in the past year has been the rise of connected technology, “especially in the home,” said Tom Gillam, Channel Manager for Electricians, UK & Ireland, Home & Distribution Division, Schneider Electric. “There are over 29 million households in the UK today using some form of intelligent technology. With more of us at home than ever before, smart heating solutions like Wiser are in great demand. Electrical installers need to take advantage of the rise of smart homes. The opportunities to sell, install, and service the products go nowhere.

“While electricians play a key role in installing the smart products, they must now also be able to present and explain the benefits they bring. This includes improved control and flexibility, as well as cutting invoices and meeting aesthetic requirements. “

From a lighting perspective, Signify also highlights intelligent solutions as a booming segment. “As installers and customers become more digital and want more control over their installations, we’ve seen a rapid transition to lighting controls. This is for safety, wellbeing, additional energy savings or to give end customers better control over their lighting – only where and when it is necessary, ”explains Simon Greenwood, Sales Director of Trade & Specification UK at Signify.

In addition, there is also a continuous movement away from traditional / conventional light sources. LED now accounts for more than 80% of our sales. With the new energy labeling and the upcoming legislation on phasing out fluorescent tubes, the transition to LED will continue. “

Training and development opportunities

Voltimum Plus strives to have the products that you – and your customers – want to include in its range. For example, the Wiser product range from Schneider Electric and the Philips Ledinaire products from Signify can be purchased for points. As Tom says, it is now crucial that electricians can also explain the benefits of new and emerging technologies. For this reason, Voltimum Plus also offers a range of training and development initiatives in return for points. There are currently eight on-demand webinars available in the Voltimum Academy area, each worth 100 points. From Schneider Electric we have topics like Home of the Future: All Electric, All Digital and coordination of LV power distribution; While Signify introduces 3D printing in lighting and lighting in the circular economy. We also have special offers to help you improve your points balance. There is currently a training course on the introduction of Wiser Approved Installer worth a whopping 500 points!

If necessary, you can make up for these sessions at will without disrupting your work schedule. Simon notes, “The pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in online learning and webinar participation. Even after the death of COVID and the reopening of the country, we believe digital training will stay here. Installers can take on-demand training from the comfort of their own home without missing out on work or taking their time travel. “

Informed purchasing

However, this switch to digital technology goes beyond pure training, as Simon explains:The industry is changing and becoming more digital. Installers want to use their smart devices to place orders, receive information, and make informed purchasing decisions. The Voltimum Plus platform offers the installer this. “

Users can browse eligible products and view fact sheets to learn more about them. When it comes to buying, you can shop in-store or online depending on your needs. We even offer a store locator feature that you can use to find the nearest participating wholesale office.

“There are currently a number of suppliers who are part of the program, as well as national and local distributors who share the vision,” adds Simon. “Voltimum Plus offers the installer an end-to-end journey on which he can find out about a new technology, make an informed decision and access the products via the Voltimum platform – and be rewarded for his loyalty and participation. “

Through his unique combination of training, expertise, and rewards, Tom agrees that Voltimum Plus is a “big incentive” for electricians. “We are delighted to be part of the Voltimum Plus rewards program along with other major electrical wholesalers and manufacturers in the industry. The new program is a great incentive for electricians to try new products and training initiatives and receive tons of rewards in the process.

“Together we support electricians of the future and provide them with reliable products and specialist knowledge that are of crucial importance for their careers.”

Voltimum Plus

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