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5 Step Guide To Solar Panel Installation

Oct 14


In the US, more than 1 million houses have gone solar. Many more are looking to put solar panels onto their roofs. It is a good idea to understand the normal process of installing solar panels, or how to do it yourself if looking for energy. Before the shiny black cells are able to be used to power your devices There are five crucial actions you must take when you sign up with an Arizona solar company.

The solar company you choose generally follows these five steps to install a solar system:

Engineering site visit:

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Once you've completed the Arizona solar company contract that includes a loan, lease, or cash purchase agreement An engineer will visit your home to examine the electrical condition and ensure that everything is compatible with your new system. The visit usually occurs shortly after you sign with them.

The assessment ensures that there are no issues such as cracks on the roof. This means that nothing hinders access for installation purposes and/or prevents natural light from entering through the panels. If there are any issues that could be a cause for concern, like hailstorm damage that could invalidate warranties, then they're usually solved through negotiations between installers before the actual installation is completed. This is to avoid unnecessary delays.

Documentation and permits

In addition to submitting applications for incentives, you will be required to fill out additional documents like permits for building. These permits are specifically for your area and can be arranged by your installer.

One of the primary items that people are applying for is federal and state solar incentives, such as the Federal ITC, local solar programs, clean energy financing initiatives like PACE or government rebates in addition to SRECs. It is crucial to understand what you're looking for and the person you're working with to ensure that you don't waste time looking for the perfect person.

Ordering equipment :

Solar panels and inverters are the components that you'll need to evaluate to determine the best system for you. Although your installer might recommend one particular brand, however, there are numerous alternatives. When comparing brands, durability, efficiency, and design are crucial.

Solar panel installation:

Once the electrical wiring is complete after which they install racking to support the solar panels (this is the only piece of equipment that will actually be attached to your roof). Once the panels are leveled and secured and secured, they will be attached to the racking. Inverters are then connected to each other using electrician's equipment so direct current energy can be converted into the alternating current that is used in homes on grids finally.

Approval and interconnection:

Connecting your panels to the grid is the last stage in going solar. Before you can do this, a representative from the town's administration must inspect the system and approve through an inspection process which basically double-checks the work that is done by the Arizona solar companies.

After this inspection at the local level After, you'll be ready for grid interconnection. A representative from the electric company will be at your residence to inspect the solar panel system.

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