5 Greatest Electricians in CharlestonšŸ„‡

Electricians are craftsmen who the world relies on to power their homes. Electricity is a matter of course for many people. When something goes wrong it can hit people hard and cause significant disruption. These interferences may include inability to light sources, inability to use devices, and inability to use the Internet.

These are all things that we take for granted again and as such we are trying to fix the problem asap. This is where an electrician comes in who knows all about troubleshooting electrical problems. There are many electricians in Charleston and here are the 5 best for your electrical problems.

Top Rated Electricians in Charleston:

Powerful Electrical LLC

Powerful Electrical LLC The company is based in Charleston, South Carolina and offers a wide variety of services such as: B. Electrical maintenance upgrades, panel replacement and installation, circuit breaker replacement, and more. These are all common services that specialize in both residential and commercial services. With plenty of positive testimonials, you can’t go wrong with Powerful Electrical LLC.

Transworld Inc.

Transworld Inc. are fully licensed and qualified electricians serving areas in and around Charleston including Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Johns Island, James Island and many more. They offer a wide range of different services, including those related to residential, commercial, industrial and energy saving services. Anything you might need, Transworld Inc can supply.

Charleston Electric

Charleston Electric has electricians who specialize in residential and commercial services. They have plenty of positive testimonials that prove their experience and quality of work, and they believe that there is no such thing as a job that is too small. With a guaranteed 100% service satisfaction, you know that these craftsmen are convinced of their work.

Mr. Sparky

Mr. Sparky are electrical repair specialists based in Charleston and Mount Pleasant who assist customers with any electrical problem in their home. They can assist with upgrading, overhauling or repairing electrical problems that arise and are happy to assist you around the clock. Happy reviews from satisfied customers make this company shine!

Bates Electric

Bates Electric is a South Carolina electrician who specializes in residential and commercial services. Their service area is very close to Charleston and the surrounding area and they offer 24/7 service. They have been a leader in electrical subcontracting for over 30 years and they can definitely count on your electrical problems.

These are the top 5 electricians in Charleston based on this rating list. Calling these professionals will ensure your electrical problem is resolved in no time.

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