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Unlock Savings and Sustainability: Energy Werx Offers Comprehensive Home Energy Assessments in Manitoba

Sep 19

Energy Werx Offers Home Energy Assessments for Manitoba Residents: Discover How to Lower Your Bills Today

MANITOBA  - 09.18.2023 - With the rise in energy bills troubling homeowners throughout Manitoba, Energy Werx has stepped up with a solution. Focused on reducing energy expenses and fostering eco-friendly living, Energy Werx is dedicated to making Manitoba homes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Many homeowners may be unaware that the Manitoba Government has initiated a program granting rebates specifically aimed at promoting energy efficiency. The good news? Energy Werx has an expert team ready to help you identify if you're eligible for these rebates. By performing a comprehensive assessment of your property, our team can determine your qualification status for various rebates and service plans, which include recommended upgrades.

To jumpstart your journey towards a more energy-efficient home, simply get in touch with our team. A qualified energy auditor will be dispatched to meticulously evaluate the energy efficiency of your property. Armed with advanced tools such as infrared cameras, blower door tests, and air leak tests, our auditors will uncover potential energy-saving opportunities. Once the inspection concludes, homeowners will receive a personalized energy advice guide filled with projects to boost their energy efficiency.

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But our commitment doesn’t end there. After the initial energy review, our dedicated team offers continued support and assistance. A final energy assessment is conducted as a follow-up, and our professionals remain on-call to field any questions or concerns.

Homes fortunate enough to be assessed by Energy Werx will be introduced to a plethora of EnerGuide energy-efficient resources and upgrades. This includes but is not limited to insulation upgrades, air sealing enhancements, and replacements for windows, doors, skylights, furnaces, or boilers.

"Our main goal at Energy Werx is to transition homes into being more energy-efficient and sustainable," says a representative from Energy Werx. "By offering affordable home improvements and championing eco-friendly living, we're driving the mission to make Manitoba an exemplar in energy efficiency."

For homeowners keen on making a tangible difference in their energy bills and environmental footprint, the path is clear: get an energy assessment with Energy Werx Manitoba today.


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About Energy Werx:
Energy Werx is committed to transforming Manitoba homes into models of energy efficiency and eco-friendly living. Through meticulous assessments, valuable upgrades, and ongoing support, we aim to make a greener, more sustainable future a reality for every homeowner.