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Canada's Greener Homes Grant For Manitoba Homeowners

Aug 15

Canada's Greener Homes Grant Empowers Manitoba Homeowners to Upgrade for a Sustainable Future

Manitoba, 2023-08-14— In a significant step towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable future, Manitoba homeowners now have the opportunity to benefit from  Canada's Greener Homes Grant. The grant offers up to $5,600 in rebates to homeowners undertaking home retrofit projects, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Upgrade Your Home, Reap the Rewards

The Canada Greener Homes Grant encourages homeowners in Manitoba to make eco-friendly upgrades to their residences while being rewarded for their efforts. By taking advantage of this program, homeowners can receive substantial financial support, making their home upgrades more accessible.

Guidance from Registered Energy Advisors

To fully benefit from the Greener Homes Grant, homeowners are advised to hire a registered energy advisor. These experts specialize in assessing homes for energy efficiency and suggesting the most effective retrofit options. By collaborating with Energy Werx Manitoba, a registered energy advisor company, you can rest assured that your home will receive accurate guidance specifically tailored to your unique needs and priorities.

Embracing Energy Efficiency for a Greener Future

Key services covered by the Greener Homes Grant include home insulation, air-sealing, as well as upgrading windows and doors. These improvements enhance the comfort and livability of homes and contribute significantly to reducing energy consumption and associated costs. When homeowners prioritize energy efficiency, they improve their lives and embrace sustainable practices and technologies. By doing so, they contribute to creating a future that is both eco-friendly and sustainable for future generations.


Easy Steps to Access the Greener Homes Grant

Participating in the Canada Greener Homes Grant program is a straightforward process. Homeowners are encouraged to register with the National Resources Canada (NRCAN) and connect with a registered energy advisor. These professionals will assess the home's energy efficiency, recommend appropriate upgrades, and guide homeowners through the rebate application process.


For more information about the Canada Greener Homes Grant and how to participate, please visit Energy Werx Manitoba. 

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