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Energy Werx Manitoba Helps Winnipeg Homeowners Lower Utility Bills and Enhance Energy Efficiency

Jul 5

Helping Winnipeg Homeowners Lower Utility Bills and Enhance Energy Efficiency


Winnipeg, July 4, 2023 - Energy Werx Manitoba, a leading energy advisory company, is committed to  assisting homeowners in Winnipeg in their quest to reduce utility bills and improve energy efficiency. By providing expert guidance and support, Energy Werx helps homeowners discover potential rebates available for their homes, resulting in cost savings and promoting sustainability.


Manitoba homeowners can take advantage of three programs designed to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes: The Greener Homes Grant, Greener Homes Loans, and Efficient Manitoba Incentive. For those unsure about their home's eligibility for these programs, Energy Werx offers comprehensive assessment services. Their team of experts provides thorough findings, ratings, upgrades, and ongoing home maintenance solutions. When you reach out to Energy Werx, an experienced energy advisor will conduct an evaluation and audit using Canada EnerGuide energy assessments to determine the rebates you qualify for. Following the initial assessment and upgrades, Energy Werx also offers a follow-up energy evaluation test and is available to address any inquiries you may have.


At Energy Werx, thit objective is to make an environmentally friendly lifestyle more affordable for Manitoba homeowners by maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability. To date, they have assisted over 50,000 homeowners in Manitoba, enabling them to benefit from valuable rebates while enjoying increased comfort and energy efficiency in their homes. 


Energy Werx Manitoba is at the forefront of empowering homeowners to embrace energy efficiency, lower their utility bills, and contribute to a greener future. By leveraging their expertise, homeowners in Winnipeg can make informed decisions about optimizing their energy consumption while enjoying the associated benefits.



About Energy Werx Manitoba

Energy Werx Manitoba is a trusted energy advisory company based in Winnipeg. With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, they assist homeowners in discovering potential rebates, reducing costs, and improving overall energy efficiency. Their team of experts provides comprehensive assessments, upgrades, and ongoing home maintenance solutions, ensuring homeowners achieve maximum comfort and environmental benefits.


For more information about Energy Werx Manitoba and their services, please visit or call/text 204-390-3064.


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