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Registered Energy Advisor - London, Ontario

Jun 27

REA's Offering Valuable Guidance to Homeowners in London, ON


Registered Energy Advisors (REAs) are experts in assessing and rating the energy efficiency of residential properties. They offer valuable guidance to homeowners in London, ON who wish to enhance their home's energy efficiency. REAs are registered by National Resources Canada (NRCan) and are authorized to provide EnerGuide Rating Systems (ERS) for both new and existing homes. In essence, a Registered Energy Advisor acts as an impartial consultant, collaborating with builders, renovators, and homeowners to improve and measure a home's energy efficiency. Their aim is to help reduce energy consumption through the implementation of better practices and the utilization of energy-efficient technologies.


What are the responsibilities of a Registered Energy Advisor?

The primary responsibilities of an REA include conducting on-site visits to homes in London, ON to perform energy audits, analyzing the client's current energy usage, and identifying ways in which homeowners can enhance their home's energy efficiency. Registered Energy Advisors may suggest options such as adopting clean energy solutions like solar power, exploring alternative energy sources, or upgrading windows and insulation to optimize heat retention or cooling. 


REAs are licensed to carry out essential inspections, tests, and energy modeling to ensure compliance with home labeling programs like the Net Zero Home Labeling Program, EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, and R-2000* and can provide informed recommendations on which program is best suited for specific project requirements. 


Why should you hire a Registered Energy Advisor?

If you are considering constructing an energy efficient home, engaging the services of a Registered Energy Advisor can prove immensely beneficial. Many builders specializing in energy efficient homes have established relationships with REAs and can assist homeowners throughout the process. The energy landscape can be intricate, encompassing various sources such as natural gas, heating oil or bioheat, electricity, and propane. Registered Energy Advisors possess extensive training and expertise in energy efficiency and building science, enabling them to develop customized strategies that align with your specific needs. They provide builders and homeowners in the London,ON area with a comprehensive understanding of their home's energy performance by conducting expert analyses, including energy audits, air leakage testing, and remedies, as well as EnerGuide Evaluations. EnerGuide evaluations are necessary to obtain an energy rating for the home and to qualify for most energy efficiency programs in Canada.


Finding a Qualified Registered Energy Advisor

The Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) maintains an online directory of Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisors operating across Canada. You can conveniently search for Registered Energy Advisors in your area and reach out to them for further information about the services they offer. Additionally, you can contact one of our Qualified Net Zero Service Organizations to gather more information regarding Registered Energy Advisors available in your region.



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