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Mar 10

Energy Advisors in Banff Alberta

Banff Alberta is home to Canada’s oldest national park, a world-class mountain biking destination, and a vibrant city with a vibrant green transit system. All of these factors create a rich environment for businesses and visitors alike. But as Banff’s tourism industry grows and its community becomes more connected, the city must also find ways to manage this growth in a sustainable way. As we work towards building a net-zero economy, it is critical to take advantage of Energy Rebates available to Banff homeowners

Banff Energy Advisors

Energy Werx Alberta is a leading Energy Auditing company with offices across Alberta and Canada. We have Registered Energy Advisors ready to assist you to understand the energy-efficiency potential of your Banff-area property and design an effective energy strategy that fits your goals.

Our energy advisors at Energy Werx will help you save money on your electricity bills and give you the confidence to make your property more comfortable for everyone inside it! We’ll also guide you through the application process for the Canada Greener Homes Grant and the Banff Residential Rebates, both of which are available to help you get your home more energy efficient.

Find a registered energy advisor near you in Calgary here. 

If you’re a senior or someone with a disability, there are grants and programs in Alberta that can help with your renovations and property taxes. These include the Enhanced Home Energy Assistance Program, Greener Homes Loan and various municipal grants.

Banff’s Green Transit Project: The Town of Banff’s first municipal hybrid bus fleet serves as a case study for how to successfully balance the needs of the environment and the community while still providing safe, reliable transportation.

By introducing new greener transit systems, the Town of Banff has helped increase ridership and reduce traffic congestion. This has resulted in improved air quality, reduced CO2 emissions and better economic growth for the town.

Despite the challenges Banff’s local transit system has faced, the city continues to improve its green fleet with an eye on the future of the region’s transportation. A new, more environmentally-friendly fleet is planned to be introduced in the near future to further reduce emissions and fuel consumption while improving safety for both passengers and drivers!

Programs available exclusively to Banff Homeowners:

Banff Solar Incentive Program - The Town of Banff offers $750/kW, up to 20kW maximum, for residents and businesses to help offset the cost of purchasing and installing a solar photovoltaic system. See here for more details: Solar Incentive Program | Banff, AB - Official Website. 

Banff Residential Rebates – The town of Banff offers Residential Rebates for various energy efficient products, including active transportation items, appliances, toilets, rain barrels, ENERGY STAR windows and doors, ENERGY STAR furnaces, ENERGY STAR solar hot water heaters, as well as up to 1/3 of the cost of the energy evaluation (max. $500). Details for this program can be found here: Residential Rebates | Banff, AB - Official Website.  


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