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Helping Windsor Homeowners Through The Greener Homes Grant

Dec 27

The Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative will help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient.

Get help from our qualified auditors to get your home to use less energy and save money on utility bills with the help of Canada Greener Homes Grant information. With Energy Werx Windsor, we are committed to ensuring greener homes in Canada with our decades of experience in implementing energy efficient audits from coast to coast.

Along with the HEEG program, it is stackable with the Greener Homes Grant and offers rebates for:

Insulation - The insulation’s resistance to heat flow is measured using both an R-value and an RSI value. R-value is the imperial measurement and the Résistance Système International (RSI) value is the metric measurement. The higher the resistance value, the slower the rate of heat transfer through the insulating material. Recommendations on insulation improvements and the calculation of your incentive will use these values.

Air Sealing - Making improvements to reduce the draftiness of your home is the single most important retrofit you can make to improve energy efficiency and it should be considered first in any retrofit strategy. Your Renovation Upgrade Report will provide you with a target to improve the airtightness of your home.

Windows & Doors – through the Canadian Greener Homes Grant as well as other locally available rebate programs, you can receive rebates and/or financing for installing new windows and doors that meet NRCan’s performance standards. New windows and doors often offer a significant improvement to your home’s overall comfort and air sealing value. Be sure to have a professional install them so you get the maximum air sealing benefits!

Space & Water Heating (instead of heat pump)– rebates and financing are available for air source and ground source heat pumps, as well as heat pump hot water heaters though the Greener Homes Grant. Heat pumps use the energy in the environment, such as the ground or air, and transfer it to be used for heating and cooling purposes. Since a heat pump transfers thermal energy, it offers a higher energy efficiency, which can save you energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Additional local rebate programs offer rebates and/or financing for high efficiency gas furnaces, and high efficiency gas and/or tankless hot water heaters.

Up to 50% of homeowners investment or the allocated dollar amount for each type of upgrade. We can book within 1-2 weeks! The goal of the Greener Home Grant program is to ultimately make residents of Windsor live a life that’s more environmentally-friendly that is both affordable and attainable.

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