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Best Time to Buy and Install Solar Panels

Aug 21


No matter what time of the year it is, going solar earlier is always better. The sooner you go solar, the more you will enjoy the many benefits, including the ability to save the environment and avoid blackouts.


Installation of Solar Panels during the Four Seasons



Installing solar panels can be easier in spring because of the milder temperatures than in winter. You can also get as much solar energy from the sun by getting your system running before summer sets in.


The summer is when solar systems produce the most power and saves the most. This makes it a popular time for homeowners to think about installing them. It is also easier to go through the process during summer storms than it would during winter.


Because of the waning summer homeowners, autumn is the best time to put solar panels in place. This means that approvals are quicker and there is less waiting. Installing solar panels before winter sets in will make it easier for your home to capture solar energy when the snow melts in the spring.


Solar installers can shovel snow off a homeowner's roof and prepare the shingles. The homeowner can build up their battery before the summer months when they will be likely to need a lot of electricity to run their AC.


Best Time to Go Solar

It's never too early to start going solar. Installing solar panels in winter is what we're referring to. Winter is the ideal time for many reasons.


It is also a great idea to go solar during winter. And also find a good solar company for your installation.


Let's look at some of the most important points to keep in mind. 


Winter is the ideal time to set up solar panels

Although solar panels are most popular in summer, most homeowners prefer winter.

Solar systems can be less efficient during the winter months. This is false, however. Your solar panels can still generate energy even if your area has low temperatures or heavy clouds. Solar panel efficiency can actually increase in cold conditions.


Here are three top reasons to set up your solar system at home in winter.


1. Save money

Because there is less demand during winter, your solar panel installation will be more affordable. Prices will vary depending on where you live and the size of your roof. Buying solar at this time allows us to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

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2. Faster solar panel installation

It is less common to install solar panels in winter so you won't be waiting long to get them up and running. While you might be waiting for weeks to have an installer come to your house, during summer you may be at the front of a long list of homeowners. When there are fewer solar installations around your area, the installation process can be a bit slower. We can therefore get to your home quicker in colder months. We can install solar panels in a matter of minutes, as our installation process is one the most efficient in the industry.

3. Beat the heat

It can take time to get the panels installed. Before you can have solar panels producing electricity for your home, there is much paperwork that must be completed and permissions from the utility companies. Pineapple Energy offers an industry-leading turnaround time for your solar power, but it can still take time, on average, 45 days. Some companies take longer.

As summer approaches and the temperatures rise, so do electricity costs. Homeowners use more air conditioning in summer months like June, July, and August. This is why it's important to plan ahead in order to cut down on your electricity bills. It's too late to prepare for your summertime air conditioner bill if you wait.

It won't take long for us to handle everything and all the paperwork. We can get it done in the winter so you can save money on your utility bill.