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Top 5 Areas to Insulate in Your Home

Aug 11

Are your walls freezing or are you having trouble keeping up with the rising energy bills? Your house may not have sufficient insulation. It doesn't matter how modern or old the house, you should never assume that your attic, walls and ceilings are properly insulated.


Which area of your house requires the most insulation?


The insulation Richmond VA a home's efficiency and comfort can be greatly improved by simple fixes such as fixing doors that are drafty and sealing the attic weatherstripping, and installing insulation. Locating the areas of your home that do not have insulation is the most crucial step.

There's Only Thin Attic Insulation

What is the R-factor of the insulation in your attic floor? ' It might be surprising find out how little insulation your attic has to keep warm air from escape. The R-value of insulation can be affected by the thickness and type of the insulation. Older insulation may not perform the same way as modern insulation.


If you have questions about the insulation you have in your attic, get in touch with professional for home insulation. It is crucial to properly insulation your attic as the heat from your furnace is a rising force.

Insufficient attic insulation can be found close to the exterior walls.

The roof's boundaries are the places where the exterior walls meet the attic. You'd be shocked at the number of houses built without proper insulation in these areas. If you don't have enough insulation, your attic can quickly become a hotspot.

This area of the attic is more frigid if the roof's overhangs aren't properly insulated. The heat generated by your furnace can cause snow to form on the roof. It melts then freezes when it reaches the attic's cold edges. Massive ice dams can be the result , and can be extremely damaging to your roof. Your home's energy efficiency is enhanced, and ice dams will be avoided if you put in insulation Richmond VA, to these areas.


Wall insulation that are not thick enough or is not present

It's possible that your walls are cold. Most likely, the walls aren't properly insulated. Insulate your walls will help you lower your energy bills. Insulation that is environmentally friendly is an ideal choice. The cellulose insulation blown onto walls, ceilings, and attic areas by our insulation Richmond VA contractors is the ideal choice for those who are who are concerned about the environment.

Walls aren't properly insulated around outlets and switches

Small holes in your home could allow warm air from your furnace to escape. While it may seem small, electrical outlets and switches in your home can let a lot of heat out because they're not adequately insulated.


When installing switches and electrical outlets it's not uncommon for the electrical box to be left open. Unscrew the wall plate , and inspect the insulation between the electrical box and wall cavity to see if any is gone. Insulate the walls surrounding electrical boxes can help to keep your home warm.

A lack of insulation in the garage

The majority of garage walls aren't insulated or drywalled. The garage is not insulated if you see naked studs or exposed rafters. A properly insulated wall in your garage can greatly improve your home's energy efficiency and increase the quality of air inside your home.


A garage without a solid insulation Richmond VA installation could cause expensive energy bills for Richmond. Garages are directly close to your home. The heat is transferred to your house as air escapes through the cracks that surround the garage's door as well as the walls connecting to the garage. It is as easy as making your garage weatherproof and insulated to make the difference between a warm and cold home.

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