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Important Reasons Why You Should Get A Home Energy Audit

Jul 24

What's the objective of a home energy audit?


This is a comprehensive assessment of your home's energy usage and the actions you could take to improve the efficiency of your home. This is known as an energy audit. An energy audit can help reduce the carbon footprint you leave and also lower your utility costs.


Do I need an energy audit?


An expert home energy audit Richmond VA can take approximately 30 minutes to four hours, depending on how large your house is. Professional Insulation contractors utilize different technologies to find the problem areas within your home and then create an outline of suggestions for how you can improve efficiency in your residence.


An energy audit can appear like this at your house:


From the exterior, an energy auditor will look at your house. An energy auditor will inspect your windows, walls, and roof to find out if there are any leaks inside your house.


The auditor will go up to the attic to inspect some things if there is an attic. Your contractor will perform a thorough inspection to ensure your insulation is installed correctly and evenly distributed between your walls. To ensure that the holes that conduct electrical wires are properly sealed or maybe a source of leakage, they'll inspect the holes.


The auditor will inspect your cooling and heating systems. If either of them is older, it's time to upgrade. They will also inspect the ductwork inside your basement.


In most professional home energy audits Richmond VA, an air blower is the standard method. The device is utilized to identify air leaks. In a blower test, the house is depressurized with a blower door machine after all windows and doors are shut. A thermal imaging camera is employed to find areas where cold air can flow into your home.


A final stage of an audit usually includes a look at the lighting in your home. It is possible to reduce your electric costs by switching from incandescent bulbs (incandescent) to light-emitting dimmers (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).


They are the most common phases of an energy assessment. Further steps could be necessary (such as thermographic examinations) to examine the armor of the energy auditor.


The scope of the audit determines the recommendations that an energy auditor offers for your home. Installing weather stripping or switching to more energy-efficient lighting are just a few suggestions. The most crucial suggestions include installing insulation and replacing windows that let cold air in.

What does it cost to analyze your energy consumption? And what can you save?


A professional home audit by a home inspector Richmond VA is more expensive if your home is larger than typical. Certain companies offer fixed rates while others will be more expensive for larger houses. If you're searching for a free energy audit, you should inquire with your local utility company, a non-profit, or a government agency.


Although you must pay for it the energy audit will aid in saving money in the long term. Your home's energy efficiency can allow you to save as much as 30% off the energy cost.


Below are instructions on how to conduct a mini-home assessment on your behalf.


The best way to find the problem in your home is with an expert home energy assessment Richmond VA. There are still some energy-saving strategies that you can implement by yourself.


If you notice a drafty place in your house, look for leaks. Leaks are common in corners, ceilings, closed doors, windows, electrical outlets, and windows. If you discover the presence of a leak, weather stripping or caulk can be applied to stop it.


Check if there are holes in your insulation or around your cooling or heating systems.


It's easy to cut your utility costs by switching to LEDs, CFLs, or energy-efficient bulbs.


Energy-efficient appliances consume less electricity than their regular equivalents when you are looking to replace one of your appliances.


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