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Energy Evaluation in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Jun 24

Residentts living in the Kitsilano neighborhood in Vancouver, BC can get their house evaluated for energy efficiency by contacting our team at Energy Werx BC today.

If you own a home in Kitsilano and are concerned about high bills, Energy Werx can help. We can assist with both reducing your energy usage while also going green.


If you're in the energy sector, there are rebates that probably apply to you. With Energy Werx, will research and find those rebates for you. The BC Government rolled out a program in 2017 that provided rebates to any BC homeowner. If you are unsure if your property is eligible and would like to know more, please contact us and we will assess eligibility. If it is found eligible we can provide rebates/a service plan tailored to your needs which might include upgrades, inspections, and more.


A qualified energy auditor will assess your home's energy efficiency. He/she will offer a detailed inspection and provide information about the many different evaluation audits available, depending on any needs you may have. At the end of the inspection, we will also provide an energy advice guide, which includes projects to try before and after the completion of an audit. The methods our auditors typically use include infrared cameras, blower door tests and checks for local rebates. Our experience doesn’t stop there. We will be available to answer any questions you may have after our first energy assessment and the auditor will follow-up with a final energy assessment.


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For many years, we at Energy Werx have helped our customers improve the sustainability levels of their homes and make them more energy efficient. We aim to reach a goal of making British Columbia an energy efficient province. Homes evaluated by Energy Werx will be given a wide variety of EnerGuide energy efficient resources and upgrades to choose from. Some of these upgrades include insulation upgrades, air sealing improvements, window, door and/or skylight replacements and furnace or boiler replacements, just to name a few.


Contact Energy Werx to book your energy audit today.



In the 1960s, beachside Kitsilano was Vancouver’s hippy hangout, drawing comparisons to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. Today, Kitsilano still has plenty of cultures, but its apartments and houses are now occupied by young urban professionals and families who enjoy a modern version of that relaxed atmosphere – this is the birthplace of a global yoga brand, lululemon athletics. Just over the Burrard Bridge from the downtown peninsula, the neighbourhood brings together a collection of attractions, beaches and parks, residential streets, and a couple of main commercial districts. “Kits,” as it’s known locally, is bordered by the waterfront to the north and West 16th Ave to the south; Burrard Street to the east and Alma Street to the west. Most of the commercial activity is along West 4th Avenue and West Broadway, but you’ll also find shops and restaurants in the areas close to the beach.

For more information about Energy Werx, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help. We are available in all cities in British Columbia.



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