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Providers of emergency care services for oriental rugs

May 20

Providers of emergency care services for oriental rugs

By Arlington Carpet Cleaners


Quality Oriental rugs will never lose their value or go out of fashion. Although original Persian and Turkish rugs are more expensive than their handcrafted counterparts, they will be just as beautiful as ever as they age. If you love textile arts and know a bit about the best dyes and fibers, then you will never be bored with Oriental carpets in either your living space or bedroom. These carpets were designed to be comfortable for your feet. However, the dense fibers help keep the warmth in. That's why knotted wool versions can be a great option for people who live in colder climates. The same fibers trap sound vibrations and prevent them from reverberating away from walls. This gives you incredible comfort without having to compromise the design of your home. But what if carpet fibers become stained with coffee spills and urine? Some stains are simple to remove with some homemade remedies. But carpets can have bleeding dyes or colors that cannot be cleaned using water.

If you're looking at a stain or paint stain on your Persian, Turkish or Turkish carpet and aren't sure what to do next, you should let professionals handle it. Contact us as soon you spot the stain. We will come and inspect it. Sometimes we may have to take out the heavy artillery, and use special dry cleaning agents. Sometimes regular steam cleaning will suffice. It is better to rely upon the expertise of carpet cleaners rather than trying to figure it out on your own.

Let's now look at some of these easy and non-harmful spillage remedies that can be used on Oriental carpets for an emergency.

How to deal with fresh liquid spills

Some of the most common spillages that carpets get are fruit juice and coffee stains, red wine, and coolaid spills. Blot the stained areas with a dry towel if they are new. You can restore your carpet's original shape if you remove as much water as possible quickly. Use paper towels to help. Examine the type of liquid embedded deep in the fibers. If it is possible to use water to help dissolve and eliminate the problem, then you may find that using paper towels works better. To avoid more damage, make sure to not pour over liters of water onto your carpet. You might find that some area rugs have been dyed in run colors. To ensure you understand what cleaning and maintenance you are allowed to do, read carefully the instructions from the manufacturer. It's best to avoid letting a carpet sit wet.

An Oriental carpet can be dried without major damage. But it's best to avoid getting it too wet. The drying process can be accelerated by raising the carpet from your patio or using a fan at night. If the stain remains after carpet drying, schedule an appointment to have an expert cleaner take care of it using professional tools.


How Do You Remove Pet Waste Stains

The trick is being present for the event or right after. This will allow you to spot it and then know exactly what to make of it.

  • Start blotting the urine with a towel. You should remember that dog urine tends to be acidic (just look at the yellow-colored grass in the backyard). So get it cleaned up as soon as possible.
  • A urine stain that has accumulated on an Oriental carpet of wool made of cotton is more likely than not to cause damage to the carpet, make it look unattractive to the eye, or create a messy appearance. It is easier to manage urine stains sooner than later.
  • You can apply a mixture containing white vinegar and water to the carpet. Let it sit for a bit. It will help to further reduce the urine and get rid of the stain. To prevent any further damage to your carpets, contact an expert carpet cleaning service.

You can reach us at our customer service number for any emergency care services you might need. We'll be glad to provide you with our expert, quick speeds, and affordable prices!


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