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Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairing

Nov 24

Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairing


Atlanta's business owners are often able to wear many hats. From CEO to worker to everything in between, It's possible to be too focused on the building and neglect the business. This is especially true if you don’t have a maintenance background. You need to know the signs that your commercial HVAC system is in dire need of repair.

These symptoms were discussed by Cleveland HVAC contractors specialists in our most recent blog. This will help you to be aware of what to look out for as you multitask every day. These symptoms should be noted immediately. Don't ignore them.


Top Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repair

There are several indicators that your commercial HVAC system should be fixed. While some are obvious when they happen, others can be difficult to explain. You should be alert for these signs as you go about your daily tasks to ensure that your building's cooling or heating requirements are met.


1. Suddenly, increased energy costs

Consistency is key to ensuring that energy costs are predictable in day-to-day operations. Extreme weather and operational changes can cause unexpected increases in energy costs. But these sources should be easy to recognize. Your HVAC system may be causing sudden increases in energy costs without any explanation.

The average commercial building in America uses 15% for cooling, 16% ventilation, and 2% space heating. Failures in cooling or ventilation equipment can cause the system's energy consumption to rise, which will result in higher utility bills. These indicators should be reported to your technician.


2. The Ventilation System’s Odors

Employees complaining about musty or foul-smelling odors in their workplace are usually signs that the HVAC system is not working properly. Because of poor indoor air quality or problems with the building envelope, mold and mildew may grow in the ducts and along with cooling coils.

These odors can be harmful to indoor air quality and could cause problems for productivity as well as health issues for your employees. Clean the coils and ducts of your HVAC system with a professional. Ask your HVAC company about UV air purifiers that can be installed to stop this growth.

The air filters in your building may smell if they are dirty. Filters that are not clean can spread scents throughout your building. Therefore, make sure to replace them as often as possible.

Acrid smells similar to burnt metals could indicate that your HVAC system is damaged.


3. Problems with Temperature control

Temperatures in uneven areas could indicate a stuck thermostat or damper. You should not ignore signs that your heating or air conditioning system is in need of repair. Employee comfort could be affected by this.


Short cycling occurs when commercial HVAC systems are set up to start a cycle but then stop within the designated time. This can lead to temperature problems. These problems can be caused by improperly sized equipment, refrigerant leakage, and filthy evaporator tubes. It is best to let professionals know if you have any symptoms.


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