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Common Problems in Renovating a House and How to Prepare

Nov 24

Common Problems in Renovating a House and How to Prepare


Renovating a house can be as exciting and rewarding as building a brand new home from scratch. Perhaps you have lived in your house for many years and are ready to move on. Or maybe you bought an older home that is in dire need of some work before you can consider it a dream home. Kitchen remodel cedar park, tx lets you customize any room to your specifications. It's magical to transform what is already there into something that's possible. However, it's not always easy to create a beautiful home. Homes can become damaged over time, so it's not uncommon to find hidden problems under old wallpaper.


Hidden issues are possible during any home renovation project, but they shouldn't stop you from achieving your dream house. Our decades of experience in the restoration and building industry have given us a lot of insight. We are familiar with what can go wrong, and what must be done to correct it. It is half the battle to know what to look out for and what to expect in relation to common renovation issues. We'll be discussing the most common issues we see, how they can impact a remodeling project, as well as what you should do about them.


  • Water Injuries


Water damage is a common problem that homeowners face, but it is also a frequent cause of renovation headaches. A roof leak may be the first sign of water damage. Water can then seep through ceilings. Water damage can also be caused by faulty plumbing such as a leaking or broken pipe. It's deceptive. You may not even notice a leak until your walls are open for remodeling. Floods are the most serious form of water damage.


  • Cracks in the Foundation or Other Problems


A foundation crack discovered during a remodeling project is one of the most devastating things that could happen to a homeowner. Cracks in walls and flooring, gaps at the corners of rooms, and stuck doors and windows all indicate that there is a problem. Sometimes, the problem can be identified while working on the site. Foundations can fail to withstand time. Older homes may have used cement that is susceptible to deterioration.


A structural engineer will inspect your house to find foundation cracks and recommend a solution. The contractor might be able to repair the damage in several ways. In some cases, steel bracing may suffice to stabilize the foundation. Underpin the foundation may require concrete piers or helical screws in certain cases. A new foundation might be required in the worst case.


When building new homes, we use structural foundations to increase their lifespan and ensure the structure's safety and longevity. Special void boxes, also known as void forms, are installed before the slab is poured. The void boxes help strengthen the foundation by protecting the concrete while it cures. The foundation can also swell and shift with them without cracking.


  • Hazardous Materials


They don't make them as often as they used to. Old, potentially dangerous items might be found during renovations and should be removed. These dangerous compounds should be handled and disposed of in a safe manner. While laws may vary from one jurisdiction to another, expert contractors and licensed remediators are often required in certain circumstances to ensure these problems can be handled safely and effectively.


Lead poisoning, a serious health risk, is often found in older homes. Lead poisoning can be found in older plumbing pipes, as well as interior and exterior paint treatments.

You can find asbestos behind walls, in basements, attics, and ceilings. It is best to keep it contained and alone in certain circumstances. It may be necessary to have it removed by professionals in certain cases.

If plumbing and electrical work is not up to code,


  • Bad Renovations in Layers


Sometimes, you are not the first to remodel or upgrade a house. Poor renovations can leave a legacy that can prove costly to repair. You may find substandard work as you remodel. You may have to deconstruct an old extension or woodwork that isn't right for you before you can start any new work. Otherwise, it could ruin the end result.



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